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Before I’m 30…

In April, I’ll be turning 21. I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty independent girl, I like my own space, I like learning to do things by myself and if I’m determined to do something, I’ll follow it through. Now that I’m old enough to go do these crazy things and see the world, I feel like I want to make the most of it! There’s a ton of things I want to see, places I want to visit and things I want to achieve. Some of them might be more realistic than others… the chances of me learning not to freak out when I see tiny harmless spiders, is a distant dream and I don’t think I’ll be allowed to adopt any more cats… but there are some I can get started on ASAP! 
High three me sloooth :DThe past two or three years have been biggest hurdles of my short but colourful life. Choosing to go to university, gaining a bit more independence and living abroad in Spain for a year has kind of opened my eyes. The world is much bigger than I thought it was and I’ve got a few places pegged that I want to see before I’m too decrepit and right wing.
Costa Rican Goodness.

  1. Costa Rica!This is one of my biggies. On my bucket list, big time. There are a hundred and one things I want to do here, visit a volcano or two, some hot springs, a cheeky sloth sanctuary, trek through some jungle, lounge on a beach, the whole caboodle! It just seems like such a unique country with all these crazy magical things stuffed into such a comparatively small space. With so much to do and see I’d have to plan it out carefully..and restrain myself from packing up a secret sloth in my hand luggage.
  2. Madagascar – This is another paradisical place that seems to have features you can’t find anywhere else. A totally different culture and way of life. Beaches and rainforests, lemurs and national parks, it just gets better and better. I’d like to visit the capital Antananarivo and maybe even learn a few words of Malagasy! Might have to brush up on my French too, might come in handy.
  3. Australia – I actually do have a crazy uncle who lives in Australia, he almost wasn’t allowed back in…something to do with the queen and him exuding  Irish Republican-ness from every pore. I don’t know. What I do know is this place needs to be one of my must sees for many reasons. The sheer vast array of wildlife and landscapes makes it pretty high on my list. The Great Barrier Reef. Swimming, snorkelling, diving, what’s not to like?! Queensland and Sydney have some sites I need to experience.
  4. Bali – You can drive around the whole coast in one day, but size doesn’t mean everything. There’s an intense kalaedescope of colours and sensory temptations to see. This is the place I know least about so I’ll be brushing up on my knowledge of Bali first but Indonesia is a global gem I need to see for myself.
  5. Ecuador – Galapagos Islands. I can be trekking through the Andes one day and fleeing from gigantic Komodo Dragons the next, go me! Otherworldly lizard creatures are just one of the many reasons this is on my list, Ecuador seems to have a crazy amount of variety in terms of landscapes and natural beauty.
  6. Italy – I’ve been to Venice, which was frikken awesome and I want to explore Italy a bit further. The trip I took was with my chamber choir so it was made even more special because I was with my friends, singing beautiful music in some stunning churches. These are people I don’t see every day anymore but once a year we make sure we have the time to meet up and do what we do best, sing. Italy has some very special memories for me. I’ve visited Lake Garda, Bologna, Verona and Ferrara but this time I want to go a little further south. Rome and Naples are still open to me! More yummy fresh veggie food, beautiful architecture, a lyrical language and experiences to be had.
  7. South Africa – Tanzania. I had the opportunity to go to Morocco while I was living in Sevilla, but it became too complicated to organise so it ended up not happening. I can’t leave out a whole continent in my travels! Going on safari seems to be on a lot of bucket lists these days and even if it’s a bit cliche, it’s so bloody impressive I have to try it. Who would turn down the break taking views and once in a life time experiences you can have here?
  8. Barcelona – While I’m still in Spain I really hope I get the chance to visit Barcelona. Get my Gaudi fix. I know people living there and I’ve been told it’s a must see. The atmosphere is very cosmopolitan, there’s a mix of people and languages, similar to London or Madrid. I feel like I can’t go home from Spain for good, never having seen the charm that Barcelona has to offer.
  9. Ireland – Dublin. I’m Irish, I grew up in Cork on the south coast so I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the most beautiful green places on Earth. My grandparents spend a lot of time in Mayo, on the west coast and I love the people more than anything. I desperately want to see the capital, it’s like the motherland of literary heroes, good food and drink and busy chatter.
  10. USA – New York City.  In June I’m going to Miami, Florida (yay!), with my boyfriend. Gonna see me some gators. New York is a whole ‘nother ball game, but it’s equally charming and vibrant in its own way. I’ve heard people say that it’s full of huge impressive buildings, but not much else. I disagree, I think it’s chock full of culture and hidden gems, not to mention all the famous sights and sounds that characterise New York City.
Cheers everyone!

Parrot bomb.


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