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Top 10 Delicious Veggie Nibblies

I’m a student. I’m also quite lazy. Killer combo I know. I’m the first one to admit that getting in after lectures and whipping up some crazy elaborate veggie meal holds about as much appeal as licking marmite from Jeremy Clarkson’s naked glistening torso. So yeah, I’ve had to be a bit creative and come up with some easy veggie bites that I can do with minimal effort. ‘Cause I need all my brain power and energy for note taking. And coffee drinking. And stuff. Take heart veggies, it can be done! ERMAGERD, it’s veggie, it’s simple and it’s yummeh.
Tuck in.
I hope you’re ready for gratuitous food pornage.
Ohhh yeah baby..
1.)  Quesadillas
Go a bit Mexican. These are SO yummy it’s like unicorns are poking your tongue with their magical sparkly hooves and singing to you at the same time. They’re great because you can just chuck pretty much any veggies you have in there, and it’s still gonna taste pretty damn good. Come on, there’s cheese sprinkled (/smothered) all over that bad boy, how is it NOT going to taste good.
Bit of sour cream, cheeky dollop of guacamole and you’re laughin’.
I usually go with mushrooms, peppers, olives, pine nuts, spring onions and a handful of cheddar.
2.) Veggie Stirfry
Mmmm you better believe it. Noodles are so cheap, and they’re so quick to cook so this is a great one if you’re really and truly knackered.
Personally I love my noodles with a peanut satay but soy sauce, spicy chili sauce or hoy sin is equally good. Make sure you’re stocked up on a bottle of soy sauce and some fresh veggies, that’s all you need.  If you have any tofu or beansprouts (which are cheap as hell in the supermarket and you get loads of them) then chuck them in, but they’re not essential
N.B – nuts and seeds are a tasty addition to stirfrys and they’re great for protein. Toasted almonds, sesame seeds, pine nuts, whatever you can get your hands on.
3.) Butternut squash curry
Okay don’t hurt me, this one takes SLIGHTLY more effort to prepare but it’s so worth the effort. And if you make a big batch, which is a good idea, you’ll have leftovers for the next few days. Freeze it if you fancy. Curries are so versatile, you can branch out a bit if you want, chickpea curry is equally yummy and there’s no squash to dismantle. Lentil, potato, there’s plenty to go on. I luuurv a curry.
4.) Baked potato with superspecialexciting toppings
This is an old favourite, you know it’s always going to be good and it’s one of those ones where you can put whatever you have to hand on top! I usually go for ; coleslaw, beans, cheese, or sour cream and chives.
5.) Risotto
Of any variety you fancy. This is a super easy one to cook, you just need to be prepared to stand there, and watch it like a hawk with OCD and make sure it doesn’t turn into a gross sticky mess. Mushroom is always good and mushrooms and cheap and yummy but feel free to go a bit further, butternut squash, asparagus and peas, bell pepper and greens, whatever,
6.) Veggie Bolognese
You can either stick to filling it with yummy veggies or you can use quorn which personally I think is a lifesaver. This is another one that can be frozen in separate portions and you can chow down later. It’s pretty simple, use pasta or rice, whichever you have and then it’s just a question of mixing your tomato, onion, quorn, kidney beans etc..together. Enjoy!
7.) Veggie soup
This is one of the easiest ones on the list, anyone can do soup, I promise you. Use any flavour you want. Make a big batch and you can enjoy it with some yummy toast whenever you want to have a warm and happy belly. If you have a slow cooker this can be even easier.
8.) Pasta bake
Always a winner. Who doesn’t like pasta?! This is just an assembly job, stick it in the oven and enjoy when it’s piping hot and ready to serve! It’s pretty easy to chop and change, look around for some different recipes.
9.) Veggie Puff pastry.
Oh so good. Forget learning to become a world renowned pastry chef, you can buy some puff pastry to roll out to the size you need and then just imagine it’s a pizza, pretty much the same thing, just nice for a change. Leave a little border around the outside, spread on your base, slap on your veggies and a cheesey topping of your choice and eat well. Don’t forget to chuck on some nuts or seeds if you have them, it makes it.
10.) Tortilla/Frittata
Once you get the knack for making tortilla, it’s super easy and relatively quick, as long as you’re cool with eating the eggy babies. Which I am. Yum yum. Your basic tortilla is just eggs, bit of milk, potato and onion more or less. Which is stuff you probably have lying around anyway, if you want to put some more yummy things in there it’s hard to go wrong.
N.B. These photos aren’t food is not this pretty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Love your food no matter what.

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