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7 books to read before resorting to Twilight.

enhanced-buzz-wide-17732-1388670906-26So, been a while I know, but I suddenly remembered all these things I needed to write/tell people and then I thought, hey, isn’t that kind of what a blog’s for? Yes Georgie. Yes it is. Have a cookie.

So without further ado, I would like to present 7 books teenage girls should read before stumbling down the dark, whiny, reverse-vegetarian-sparkly-vampire infested path to Twilight, where abusive relationships are fine and dandy and no one questions the people who start sparkling at a moments notice. Seriously, you can do a lot better.

Now I get that there are generational books that teenagers grow up with, I for one am of the Harry Potter generation, and happily so! Yes, there’s a basic formula to the writing and J.K never met an adjective she didn’t like, I’ve heard this all before, but there’s something to be said for a gripping story and characters you actually give a hoot about. Essentially, if there was a competition between, let’s say..Hermione Granger and Bella Swan, Granger’d win. Hands down. There wouldn’t even really be a contest seeing as Bella would be too busy with her spine cracking baby and the all important quest for a boyfriend to notice ‘mione casting a wicked bat-bogey hex.

Anyway, to the list! Image

The Hunger Games

  •  I’d choose cool dystopian fiction over hormonal werewolves any day of the week..
  • Katniss is a kick-ass heroine who knows how to rock a bow and arrow.
  • She’s anything but one dimensional.

North and South

  • Margaret Hale makes for a fascinating heroine, she’s gutsy and a little headstrong, doesn’t always make the best decisions but that’s why we love her.

To Kill A Mockingbird

  • You can’t go far wrong with Scout, Boo Radley and Gregory Peck..Attics Finch for reading companions. Scout’s childlike curiosity leads you through a perspective you might not have considered before.
  • Gregory Peck. Go watch. That’s a good lookin’ lawyer right there.

Howl’s Moving Castle

  • Sophie and Howl make excellent counterpoints, if you like a bit of magic, fire demons and fiery young women disguised in sassy old lady bodies, then this is worth a read.

Jane Eyre

  • A must read on any list, for character development and the spirit of independence, look no further than Jane. Sometimes you want to shake a character and say what the hell are you doing?! This is normal. Never fear.


  • A series I was introduced to in school, Sabriel is a compelling read for any teenager. A slightly darker, more macabre look at the magical genre, Sabriel fights some tough battles in her role as the Abhorsen. And look out for the spunky little cat, Mogget, that guy’s a riot.

Harry Potter

  • Oh what a shocker, yes I know I’ve mentioned it before but I feel like I couldn’t end the list without giving Harry & Co. a mention. The stories are chock full of intriguing plot lines and characters you really and truly grow to love. Shout out to Hermione, Sirius and the Weasley twins.

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