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Back To Uni: The Essentials


It’s that time of year again! Back I go to Nottingham Trent University, ready to start my Masters. I have a confession to make, my guilty pleasure is hoarding stationary like it’s going out of style. I love it, can’t help it, if I see a notebook I like or some fancy highlighter sticky notes that I’ll probably never use up completely, I’ll buy ’em quick as a bee. I’ve done the first year, highly over prepared, bought out paperchase and now has no student loan left and I’ve done the second year who can’t muster up a pen and a scrap of paper to take notes on.

I’ve finally found a happy medium! I’m not overburdened with a Mary Poppins style bag full of stuff, but I have everything I need to make my uni life a little easier. Not just with the essentials for lectures but above and beyond that. I’m an old hat now at the uni game, four years at Nottingham have schooled me well.

I thought I’d share my lifesavers, what I need to get through intense studying as a (relatively) sane human being.

Bring on the next year!


FIRST and foremost, get yourself a decent USB that you WON’T forget and leave in a computer. Write your mobile number on it. Attach flares to it. Fit it with a forget-me-not alarm system, just for the love of god, write something on there so that if the worst happens and you lose it, it can find its way back to you.

It’s worth getting 4 GB and above I reckon!


S014 Look at them. All the colours of the rainbow. Pick one that’ll be burned into your retina and thus, will never leave behind.

SECOND, Student cards ahoy! Keep your student card handy in a holder, and all your other discount cards, railcard, NUS, the whole caboodle.


THIRDLY, an all in one divided notebook – this has really been a lifesaver and has been mega handing as I don’t have to haul around different books and risk forgetting the right one on the right day. And your pens. Don’t forget your pens.

Now you only have to remember one notebook. Boom.

Now you only have to remember one notebook. Boom.

FOURTHLY, a decent satchel or rucksack goes a long way. Don’t get a shoddy one where the strap will snap two weeks in and your left stranded cradling your books like some mad woman that’s substituted her empty nest for academic textbooks. Trust me on this.

Make it a good one. Make it last.

Make it a good one. Make it last.

NEARLY THERE, Invest in a flask and (as childish as it sounds) some decent lunchbox tupperware! There’ll come a time when you realize that buying costa everyday and a cheeky pannini isn’t really in your budget… Bring some coffee, sandwiches, soup, fruit and nibbles, whatever you fancy.


ALMOST DONE…A decent laptop case! Seriously, you need one of these bad boys if you don’t already have one. Your laptop is your life and you want a safe and stylish way to carry it off to whatever coffee haunt you choose to hide yourself in during dissertation months.

My pretties...

My pretties…

And Finally, wine. Lots of wine. Bring wine.

Georgie xx


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