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5 Easy Peasy Summer Bakes!


My tiny miniature cake babies.

Baking Inspiration.

We all need a bit of it now and again. I myself am clinging to the last dregs of summer. Never let go. NEVER. So i’ve been baking up a storm here, making lovely fresh yummy things that I can enjoy with the last of the Pimms. Here’s the rundown of my favourite summery/autumnal bakes that’re easy and delicious and will feed your hungry gannet housemates.


The spirit animal of my uni house.

1.)  Jam jam jam. Probably one of the easiest summer concoctions to whip up. I know it’s not cake but you’ll thank me when you have a sticky face full of delicious berries. Pick your berries while they’re plump and juicy, (and most importantly, free) and pop them in a pot to stew. The times and amounts of water needed vary depending on the fruit you’re using. I recently had a gorgeous day wandering around the countryside with a friend, manically dredging the hedges and staining ourselves no end. It was all for a good cause though. It’s pretty much just equal parts sugar and fruit, all you need are some sterile jars, a big pot to stew your berries in and some labels. And this stuff keeps for ages.

Jammy goodness. I fully intend to eat my efforts in record time.

Jammy goodness. I fully intend to eat my efforts in record time.

Try this simple recipe for jamspiration.

These bad boys  made 5 whole jars!

These bad boys made 5 whole jars!

2.) Lemon cake. I love the stuff, it’s like catnip for Georgies. I love a good lemon drizzle as much as the next girl, as you can see! These bite sized lemon drizzles were just my normal recipe, with a mascarpone and lemon filling, split into an individual cake tray. It’s a firm favourite at home!1924384_10154613341185013_7094281964432082686_nHowever my most recent experiment which turned out to be a very good idea indeed, was Mary Berry’s whole lemon cake. The recipe calls for two whole lemons to be boiled, skin and all, then blitzed in a food processor and mixed into the batter. My only advice would be that no one likes whole chunks of lemon peel so blitz well. It tasted lush in case you were wondering.

Check out this zesty recipe and give it a go.

Mum's lemony birthday cake!

Mum’s lemony birthday cake!

3.) Raspberry cheesecake, this one always goes down well. I wish I’d taken a picture of the beauty we tried out a couple of weeks ago but alas, we were more interested in stuffing our faces, so here’s one I found that looked pretty similar! Anything with raspberries in it is always a winner for me, they’re my absolute favourite fruit.

I decided to go one step further with mine and chuck some white chocolate into my mascarpone mix. A very good move if I do say so myself. Nigella has a great recipe, get a slice while you can cause it’s gone in a flash.



4.) Apple cake. The trees in our garden are laden with them this year and are well and truly ready for picking, so naturally i’ve been churning out cake on a pretty regular basis. Once again I must bow to Mary Berry’s superior recipe.

014 This is what you can expect, moist appley deliciousness.

And my last summery suggestion..

5.) Apple and Blackberry crumble! …I’m utilizing all the fruits we’ve collected from the garden, does it show?! It’s great, it’s a well documented fact that everything free tastes better. Now everyone loves a good crumble with a dollop of ice-cream and they’re really versatile, you can chuck in most combinations of fruity things and more often than not you’ll have a winner.

Try Good Food’s crumbletastic recipe.

Lovely bit of crimble crumble.

Lovely bit of crimble crumble.

So get baking and enjoy the fruits of your labours!

Georgie xx


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