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Advice To 16 year Old Me

Me and my wonderful Notts Uni friends! Check us out.

Me and my wonderful Notts Uni friends! Check us out.

After reading Robert Webb’s advice to his younger self, it got me thinking about what I’d say to 16 year old Georgie, knowing what I know now. What would have really made a difference to my life? What would have made the stress of school a little more bearable? Here are the things I think would have made the most difference. To be honest, these are things I’m still trying to take on board to this day, but for anyone reading who’s a little younger, just trust me. So, here are the top 3!

1.) Don’t let fear of looking a tit, hold you back.

The only things that really stick with you in terms of regrets, are the things you didn’t do. It’s cheesy but true. You know when you go to bed, and lie down and try to clear your mind, and your brain goes, “Hey, here’s all the stupid stuff you’ve ever done! Enjoy!”? Yeah, you’ll have less of those moments if you just forget about what everyone else is thinking of you and do the things you enjoy. Put yourself out there and you’re likely to get more back.

Like I say, don’t panic. Just get on with it.

Definitely not saying my friends look like tits, but EHS girls have never done things hald-arsed! You get my drift.

Definitely not saying my friends look like tits, but EHS girls have never done things half-assed! You get my drift.

2.) Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Don’t just sit there silent like a lemon, chances are other people are having the same inner panic attack you are. This is how you solve your problems, if you never ask, you’ll let your problems fester and worsen ’til you’re a hot mess of confusion.

If you think you’ll look stupid for asking questions, think again! Teachers, lecturers and employers like to know you’re paying attention and keen to get involved, asking questions shows this in spades! Ask the burning question on your mind. Chat to your friends and ask their advice, they’re not going to judge you.

Ha! Get it?!

Ha! Get it?!

3.) Learn to enjoy your own company.

Once you learn to enjoy being alone with yourself, and learn the difference between being alone and being lonely, life gets a whole lot easier. Travelling around a foreign country on your own is a great way to do this! (But it’s not compulsory..) I love walking around listening to my ipod, getting a coffee and chilling out on my own for a bit. I’m an introvert, so this might be a bit easier for me than most, but it’s great when you can walk about on your own and feel comfortable looking like a lonely lucy!



Georgie xx


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