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Sunday Afternoon Bake: Jammy biscuits

Jammy Dodgers - hoomemade style

Jammy Dodgers – homemade style

In the mood for something sweet? Course you are!
Sunday afternoon is the perfect time for baking. Everyone’s lazing around the house, waiting for something delicious to happen, so why not take advantage. It makes a great break from work, it’s productive, (you get some nommy treats, a tangible sign of your efforts) and who doesn’t love a biscuit?!
These are tasty little guys, the biscuits are nice on their own to be honest, they’re quite buttery with as Paul Hollywood would say, a nice snap. To match them up you need one whole biscuit and one with the weeny window that jammys normally have. I didn’t even have a cookie cutter why I knocked these bad boys up, I just used a template I made out of regular paper. Going freehand is a little riskier as you do get some irregular shapes sometimes but overall it doesn’t really matter!
Get yourself some nice jam, raspberry, blackberry, apricot, strawberry, whatever you fancy. I used raspberry and blackberry for mine. I also left a few without jam just for variety’s sake.
Behold the biscuit hoard.

Behold the biscuit hoard.

So, to the recipe:
Try a simple biscuit dough or shortbread for your biscuits and top them with a jar of your favourite jam.  
These things don’t take long at all to make, they’re gone pretty quickly and they’re great for sharing with hungry housemates/course friends.
So get baking!
My biscuit babies!
My biscuit babies!
Georgie xx

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