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Notts Festival of Words!

This week I’ve been helping out with the second Nottingham Festival of Words and it’s well worth getting down to one of their events if you can, there’s something for everyone. There’s poetry, creative writing, spoken word nights, authors talking about their work and the chance to ask them all the burning questions on your mind.
You can find the programme here if you fancy going to one of their many events, get there while you can! The festival finishes on Sunday so trust me when I say these talks are well worth it.
Gary Mitchell , a playwright from Rathcoole in Northern Ireland gave an account of how difficult it was growing up on a segregated society and a culture that’s not so accepting of lads that want to get into the arts. He recounted the most shocking instances in such a darkly humorous way that you can’t help but be drawn in.
Poet Suhrab Sirat lives in exile in the UK,  unable to return to him home in Afghanistan, and performed a reading of three poems in his native tongue. We had the unique experience of being able to listen to them in their more lyrical native language, then hearing the translated version.
Writer and Editor Malu Halasa read extracts from the compilation of works of artists and writers in ‘Syria Speaks’, an anthology she has edited and put together. We were allowed a sneak preview in the form of short stories and comic strips which explore the culture clash and violence in a country ruptured by military factions.
Jo Glanville chaired the evening, fielding the questions from the audience and asking the authors questions we all wanted to hear the answers to.
The festival gives people the chance to hear new narratives and perspectives they might never have considered before. There are art forms out there i’ve never delved into before and it’s exciting to hear them explained by people who are so passionate about them.
It reinforces the idea that words are important. They hold so much power over us, and clearly they’re important to the authors and poets that use them. The fact that people come to watch and listen to their opinons just shows how communities value words and how they’re being used.
A festival of storytelling has so much to offer, there’s bound to be something there that tickles your fancy, try going to something new that you’ve never really considered before.
I’ll be attending events on Friday and Sunday, Lara Donnelly, Friday 9-10 and the Open Studio on Sunday, which promises to be full of exciting chit chat! It’s a chance to talk to real honest to goodness authors and chat to other budding writers about techniques and overcoming obstacles.
Have a look at the programme and come along!
Georgie xx

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