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Caring for your inner introvert.

Hi, I’m Georgie and I’m an introvert.
PHEW, now that’s out of the way, I can explain what that means. It DOESN’T mean I hate the company of other people..I love talking to my friends! It just means that in order to recharge my batteries and feel a little more relaxed and human, I need my own space. Some people need to hang out with mates to feel refreshed and energized, introverts need some time alone to really relax.
Sometimes people mistake being quiet for being standoffish and uppity, more than half the time it’s just because the person’s a little bit nervous or doesn’t feel they have anything interesting to say! Don’t take it as a personal slight. Seriously.
When I’m with my friends, I can be as chatty as the next person and sometimes, I’ll admit, I relish being the centre of attention. However, more often than not, I listen. I listen to the conversations going on around me, take a back seat and contribute when I feel I have something worth saying. Everyone has an introverted and an extroverted side to them, it’s just that normally one side is stronger than the other. As I was watching The Apprentice, (don’t judge) I thought about how aggressive, out there personalities that seem to dominate others have become a sign of being self-assured, in control and valued in the world of work. To be honest, I’ve often found the opposite to be true, the ones that shout the loudest and need their opinions heard all the live long day aren’t nearly as secure in themselves as the person who doesn’t feel the need to be in everyone’s faces. You don’t need to be gregarious to show everyone how passionate you are about something!
This isn’t a universal rule, of course i’m not saying all extroverts are insecure. Sometimes you need people who can talk to everyone, are generally chatty and outgoing to bring groups together.
I believe being a little bit introverted means I have a lot of time for reflection and introspection. Sometimes this isn’t a good thing; it’s pretty easy to get lost in your own head sometimes, which is why it’s good to have friends to pull you out. Another point of view is always helpful, it can help you see things you didn’t see before. I value my friends a whole bunch, believe me.
I found this TED talk online and it’s a pretty good place to start!
As Susan Cain says, this ‘introverted style of being’ isn’t a bad thing. We need introverts doing what they do best! It’s not being shy necessarily, introverts aren’t crippled by fear when talking to other people and afraid to open their mouths for fear of being judged, that’s not the deal.
Be aware of introverts, if you’re an introvert yourself, I hope you can read this and know you’re not weird for wanting to stick with a small group of friends rather than head to a sticky club, it’s fine to want to go and read for a bit to regain a bit of energy. Realizing these things helped me to understand myself a bit better and also to understand how I work. Maybe it’ll help you too!
Georgie xx

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