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Professional blogging: top tips!

Nadine Stewart; professional lifestyle blogger, travel lover and ‘German girl in London’ spills the secrets of blogging success.
Nadine Stewart - photo from

Nadine Stewart – photo from

Nadine Stewart, a 24 year old lifestyle blogger moved to London from Cologne, Germany, for an adventure in another language. “I fell in love with London and decided to stay. I used to blog maybe once a month, then I started travelling a lot and started doing it seriously, blogging every day. It’s really popular here in the UK, in Germany lots of friends don’t really get it! It’s just starting to take off over there.”

After being contacted by numerous PR companies, she now reviews products for beauty and fashion brands. “It’s more difficult than it seems! You know it’s not just blogging; it’s being social, getting on Twitter and engaging your readers. I love connecting with readers and I think they enjoying sharing my experiences.” she says about her followers and getting social engaged. She explains that it’s important to target an audience with your writing, “I’d say my blog is aimed at women around 18-30 years old. I could just write about what I do every day but it’s more interesting to focus on travel, food, things like that”.

“If my readers comment on something I always try to reply to them and follow them on Twitter. That way you can build regular readers. ”

Nadine believes the ad industry is changing and bloggers are key players in the future of business. “Yes absolutely, I think it’s really important for businesses to have bloggers and to get involved online. I think advertising has changed now. I don’t really watch TV so if I see a product advertised that I want, I go online and read other people’s reviews of it first.”

It seems that you’re more likely to see and buy a product reviewed on your favourite blog than from a billboard or TV commercial. But it’s not all product reviews; Nadine has a particular love of travel and event writing too. “When I started travelling more, for example I went to Las Vegas, I reviewed hotels, events, things like that. I review lots of restaurants, I love writing about events and places I’ve been to too.”

There are also other bloggers in the field Nadine enjoys reading in her free time, “Rosie Thomas, obviously she’s probably the most popular lifestyle blogger out there, I enjoy reading her blog.” Blogging full time would be the dream goal of any keen lifestyle guru; however Nadine is keen to keep on blogging alongside taking care of children as an au-pair as she does currently.

Hope this makes for interesting reading and help anyone out there thinking of kicking off a lifestyle blogging career!

Georgie xx


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