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5 London Date Ideas!

London Date-spiration is here!

I’m often scrabbling around trying to find exciting new date ideas for me and the boyfriend, the criteria is endles; not too expensive, inside in case it rains (this is England), not too far away,cafes close by etc…

We usually find something, after much trawling, but it drives me up the wall.

So I thought i’d share some 5 of my faves with you in case you’re in need of some date material for a weekend getaway in London!

1.) The Electric Cinema

These are solid gold date material. Perfect for a special occasion, a little bit on the pricey side by actually not that much more than a trip to cineworld. And for what you get, it’s well worth it. Tickets I booked in advance were £15.

There are two of these cinemas, I’ve only been the one on Portobello Road but I can vouch for their cozy atmosphere and tasty nibbles! It might look a little dingy on the outside but step inside and be transported to a world of comfortable armchairs, snuggly blankets and wine. Nice wine. Next to your armchair. I’m talking wine, at the cinema, like, right next to you. Ahem.

copyright - Check out the retro charm!

copyright –
Check out the retro charm!

2.) Museum/Zoo lates

This is something I’m dying to try. I’m a bit of a museum geek. Take me to the Natural History museum and i’m pretty much happy as larry for the day. It’s free, there’s so much to see and it makes a change from going to bars and restaurants for date night. The same goes for the zoo, you can wander round and check out the nocturnal creature features, slap on your tiger mask and enjoy the entertainers!

For certain events you have to book, book well in advance too cause these things sell out mega quickly. Honestly, this is like my perfect date idea. Get in there.

3.) Southbank

This might sound like a bit of a general one, but if you’re looking for an interesting wander with unexpected arty and edible goodies along the way, then Southbank is a winner.

There are plenty of exhibitions that pop up inside the Southbank centre, plus one hell of a view over the Thames whilst you’re slurping your coffee. The food’s fab, with a hoast of different ethnic stalls and vans dotted around you can take your pick; do you fancy a delectable curry or a jamaican feast?

copyright -

copyright –

4.) Pizza perfection

Sometimes you just can’t beat sitting down to a pizza twice the size of your face, knowing you’re about to be so full of dough you’ll regret some of your bad life choices.

We found this place before going to see Wicked (which incidently is blow-your-balls of entertaining and you should see it asap) when we just wanted somewhere not too expensive and fairly quick. We did pretty well I have to say. We had a pizza and a cocktail for £10. Not sure if that deal still applies, but they have a very nice happy hour from 5-7pm! This is propper pizza too. Not a soggy bottom in sight, thin and crispy just how I like it, and jam packed with tasty toppings.

Try it out for yourself –

The Bonne Maman cocktail - do yourself a favour and try it. Try it now.

The Bonne Maman cocktail – do yourself a favour and try it. Try it now.

5.) Comedy central

Comedy clubs are an untapped mine of date potential. It’s relaxed and easy going, you always leave on a high and what could be better than watching someone sink or swim in a 20 minute slot?

Depending on who’s playing you can get some really good deals, with most throwing in some food and drinks into the mix. We’ve found some comedy gems doing this, guys who’ve popped up on the frige or comedy central after we’vev seen them.  Try out the comedy story or maybe upthecreek for all your comedy needs!

Good date hunting!

Georgie xx


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