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The Cat Cafe Cometh!


All feline fans living in Notts or the East Midlands can start celebrating, the new Kitty Cafe is finally open to the public! Kickstarter funders have been allowed first pick of the tickets, which is only fair, and everyone else can start booking from the 1st of March!


Personally, I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS, ever since the London branch opened.

I had a chat with the owner, Kate Charles-Richards about their new project, how it got started and what patrons can expect when they step through the doors.

Animal lover Kate said that “it was always our goal to do something worthwhile.” And worthwhile it certainly is! Over Christmas the project exceeded its £5000 target on Kickstarter, Kate was incredibly thankful to all their followers, “We’re amazed and so grateful for all the support and we can’t thank everyone enough!” The couple have aimed the café at people for whom pets would be impractical, such as Nottingham’s student population.
The stars of the café, including Kate and Oliver’s own cats Popcorn and Hugo, have been adopted from local cat shelters. Customers can even opt to adopt these furry little stars! “The cats available for adoption will come from rescue homes and all adoption fees will go back to rescue home!” I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for fluffy faves to take home.

Hugo and Popcorn - stars of the kitty cafe! copyright - Kate Charles-Richards

Hugo and Popcorn – stars of the kitty cafe!
copyright – Kate Charles-Richards

Kate was keen to ensure the cats selected would be people friendly and happy in their surroundings: “Each cat has its own personality so we are spending time getting to know the cats. We do have some Persians and Ragdolls known to be calm and loving breeds!”
For those worried about stressed out kitties, cat welfare is a top priority! “10 Staff will be on site for 18 hours a day and at night the cats will have their own pod that they will be put into for safety that has their own personal items in. Moving them around every day to other locations would be too stressful for them.”

So for more info and to get booking, log on to

Best of luck booking!

Georgie xx


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