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2 Tasty Traybakes

Tray bakes are a necessary staple – they feed the 5 thousand, easy to pack up and transport to wherever you need to be and they’re always a crowd pleaser. These two recipes use the same principle; layer of batter, layer of filling, layer of batter and a sprinkling of topping.

I tested these recipes out and they’re pretty hard to mess up! I’ve chosen a chocolate brownie and a cinnamon and pecan tray bake for a bit of variety. Trust me, they’re delicious.

Cinnamon and Pecan Traybake:


This is a Mary Berry recipe, you can’t go wrong with M Bezza – it’s an all in one batter so there’s no messing around with creaming the butter and sugar. Deliciously crunchy topping with gorgeous cinnamon swirls hidden in the middle!

Salted Caramel Brownies!:


The ready-made caramel makes these pretty damn easy but sooo squishy and tasty. So.Moist. Try them out here.

In my experience the coarse sea salt chucks need to be a little flaky just so their smaller and don’t overpower the flavour of the brownies.


Enjoy! Georgie xx


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