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Aubergine and Mozarella Pasties

This is a Ruby Tandoh recipe we tried out this weekend from the guardian and it worked beautifully.

Pasty success!

Pasty success!

It uses a hot-water pastry, which is robust enough to hold the filling but tasty and crumbly at the same time. These pasties are pretty versatile, we tried a couple of different fillings with another batch of pastry and you can pretty much make it up on the spot.

All i’ll say is be careful not to overfill your pastry, press it down very firmly when you’re crimping so the filling doesn’t spill out and remember to poke a whole in the top so they don’t explode!

TOP TIP: I found using grated mozzarella a massive time saver, same taste, less slicing and dicing.

Makes about 10-12 little pasties!



Golden brown and tasty

Golden brown and tasty


Try the recipe here. The good thing is these little pasties are super adaptable to whatever veggie filling you fancy. Here are a few ideas I’ve tried out with great success;

  • Sweet potato and butternut squash with a moroccan spiced tomato sauce
  • Potato and leek with a cheesy sauce
  • Cheese and marmite (it’s actually delicious).

Enjoy! xx


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