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Veggie Pasties part 2: Butternut squash and lentil

Ok so this is a continuation of my first pasty recipe, which was aubergine and mozzarella. This is the next generation of that pasty, pasty 2.0, the ultimate delicious veggie pasty.

Butternut squash filled goodness!

Butternut squash filled goodness!

It’s just moist enough to keep the veggies succulent but doesn’t make the pastry soggy. Not a soggy bottom in sight!

So the pastry recipe is the same, I kept the thyme in and I have to say it doesn’t make too much difference but I prefer it without for this particular flavour combo.

For the original pastry, follow this part of the recipe:

BUT, for this new and exciting filling, check this out!


1 butternut squash cubed

2 medium onions, finely chopped

tomato puree, 2tbsp

a squirt of tomato ketchup

400g green lentils (one tin)

One large teaspoon of ras el hanout paste (this is magic)

Sunflower oil

1.) Chop your butternut squash into small 1cm cubes, pop in the oven with a knob of butter at 180c for 25-30mins to cook until soft. Take out and set to one side.

2.) Add one tbsp sunflower oil, then add your chopped onions and cook for about 10 mins til clear, then add the lentils, tomato puree, ketchup and the ras el hanout paste.Mix well and season to taste!

3.) Add your butternut squash cubes. That’s it, couldn’t be easier!

So tasty!

So tasty!

Get experimenting and enjoy!


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