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Sweet treats: Raspberry and white chocoalte blondies

I’ve been craving something sweet today ❤

Fresh from the garden

Fresh from the garden

This white chocolate and raspberry tray bake was just what the doctor ordered. It feels light and summery but moist and squidgy enough to satisfy any and all chocolate lust. It’s baked on a low heat for a little longer so it’s deliciously cakey. Is that a word? I’m sure it is.

We’ve had a glut of raspberries because of the gorgeous weather and I couldn’t resist baking them into something! So here we go, delicious blondies:

I used this recipe from which gave me a nice gooey-in-the-middle blondie. I would recommend covering with foil about 2/3rds of the way through baking if you’re getting a brown top and an un-cooked base.



This was snapped up in a flash by the fam and sliced up easily to cart around to lucky lucky friends. It was also a delicious way to use up the glut from the garden!

Enjoy! xx


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