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Spanish Alfajores

Some sticky caramel goodness wrapped up in buttery biscuit form.

My caramel coloured obsession!

My caramel coloured obsession!

This biscuit can be found all over Latin America, Spain and the Philippines and it happens to be one of the first treats I had upon arriving in Sevilla, in a little cafe opposite my flat!

Normally the Spanish biscuits are sandwiched with dulce de leche, I made a caramel substitute, which tastes just as good. The coconut sprinkling is optional! They’re perfect with a cup of tea and 5 minutes of peace.


You could just as well use tinned carnation caramel for these, I had a lot of leftover caramel which is going into some brownies. This particular recipe from Waitrose magazine uses golden syrup and dark sugars, which give it a gorgeous rich flavour and colour. I have to say seeing this Spanish gem gave me a whole lot of nostalgia and an urge to get baking.

Check out a simple recipe on

I do have a few hints and tips to make sure your beautiful biscuits go without a hitch…


  1. I made the majority of my biscuits a little larger than the norm as you can see, but I also made some smaller, bite-sized ones which went down a treat. They were also a little easier to pack up and bring into the office, and only needed a teeny teaspoon of caramel or dulce de leche.
  2. It’s worth chilling your biccies once they’re filled so the caramel doesn’t run. It can be a little drippy so prepare for your kitchen to get messy.
  3. Try not to overfill your biscuits. Trust me, less is more.


And that’s that! Enjoy xx


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