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Review: Afternoon tea at The Chesterfield

Charlie and the chocolate factory afternoon tea

I’m a self-confessed fan of an afternoon tea. It’s an experience. And this one was no different.

What’s on offer

A Charlie and the chocolate factory themed afternoon tea at The Chesterfield in London. You’re greeted by a waiter/waitress offering fizzy lifting drinks for all. It’s a cranberry juice, cream soda and popping candy concoction that gets you in the mood for something special. We were also offered our choice of everlasting gob stopper by Willy Wonka himself.


I’ll admit Mr Wonka was a slightly odd addition to the party. Complete with sunglasses and pimp cane and brandishing ‘golden tickets’ (the possibility of winning a free glass of champagne or stay at the hotel upon your next visit), his patter wasn’t particularly Wonka-esque.


The food and drink

This was an unlimited afternoon tea, which meant we could have refills of all the sandwiches, pasties and Wonka treats we wanted! This was a major plus. The sandwiches were really tasty and being the veggie, I got my own plate of special sarnies; goats cheese and red onion chutney, roasted veggies and pesto, cucumber and cream cheese and roasted tomato and cheddar. This was much appreciated!

The main event: the wonka chocolates – Wonka bars, oompla loompa cupcakes, blueberry macarons, bubblegum eclairs, lemon sherbert slices, fruity pastries and a raspberry ganache filled golden chocolate egg. We enjoyed a glass of champagne with our treats and our choice of flavourful tea. The staff were pretty knowledgable about the tea and recommending stuff wasn’t a problem. one of our party had the chocolate tea, which was, surprisingly, not the watery offering you’d expect. It was pretty damn tasty!

wonka bars

My own personal highlights were the wonka bars, with a crunchy honeycomb filling and the oompa loompa cupcakes:

oompa loompa cupcake

the full monty

The golden eggs were incredibly rich, but the fruity filling cut through the dark chocolate quite nicely. I still didn’t manage to finish one though! The bubblegum eclairs were a surprise, normal on the outside and bright pink on the inside. A slightly odd combination but it fitted with the rest of the treats. The blueberry macaron was beautiful and had a subtle fruity after taste, definitely take some home in your very stylish take away box!

The general atmosphere was lively, with renditions of happy birthday every 15 minutes or so, it’s obviously a popular location for celebrations and I can see why. The staff are always happy to re-fill your plate/glass, recommend the perfect tea for your taste and accommodate any suggestions you have. They definitely made the experience, along with the pretty much constant stream of Wonka bars.

me and pip

Overall, I’d give The Chesterfield 4 stars! ****


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