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Easy vegan banana bread

Easy peasy vegan banana bread recipe.


Spanish Alfajores

Some sticky caramel goodness wrapped up in buttery biscuit form. This biscuit can be found all over Latin America, Spain and the Philippines and it happens to be one of the first treats I had upon arriving in Sevilla, in a little cafe opposite my flat! Normally the Spanish biscuits are sandwiched with dulce de leche, I made a caramel substitute, which tastes just as good. The coconut sprinkling is optional! They’re perfect with a cup of tea and 5 minutes of peace. You could just as well use tinned carnation caramel for these, I had a lot of leftover caramel which is going into some brownies. This particular recipe from Waitrose magazine uses golden syrup and dark sugars, which give it a gorgeous rich flavour and colour. I have to say seeing this Spanish gem gave me a whole lot of nostalgia and an urge to get baking. Check out a simple recipe on I do have a few hints and tips to make sure your beautiful biscuits go without a hitch… I …

5 Easy Peasy Summer Bakes!

Baking Inspiration. We all need a bit of it now and again. I myself am clinging to the last dregs of summer. Never let go. NEVER. So i’ve been baking up a storm here, making lovely fresh yummy things that I can enjoy with the last of the Pimms. Here’s the rundown of my favourite summery/autumnal bakes that’re easy and delicious and will feed your hungry gannet housemates. 1.)  Jam jam jam. Probably one of the easiest summer concoctions to whip up. I know it’s not cake but you’ll thank me when you have a sticky face full of delicious berries. Pick your berries while they’re plump and juicy, (and most importantly, free) and pop them in a pot to stew. The times and amounts of water needed vary depending on the fruit you’re using. I recently had a gorgeous day wandering around the countryside with a friend, manically dredging the hedges and staining ourselves no end. It was all for a good cause though. It’s pretty much just equal parts sugar and fruit, all …