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Simple flavoured choc truffles

How to make ridiculously easy flavoured chocolate truffles with just 4 ingredients.


Review: Afternoon tea at The Chesterfield

Charlie and the chocolate factory afternoon tea I’m a self-confessed fan of an afternoon tea. It’s an experience. And this one was no different. What’s on offer A Charlie and the chocolate factory themed afternoon tea at The Chesterfield in London. You’re greeted by a waiter/waitress offering fizzy lifting drinks for all. It’s a cranberry juice, cream soda and popping candy concoction that gets you in the mood for something special. We were also offered our choice of everlasting gob stopper by Willy Wonka himself. I’ll admit Mr Wonka was a slightly odd addition to the party. Complete with sunglasses and pimp cane and brandishing ‘golden tickets’ (the possibility of winning a free glass of champagne or stay at the hotel upon your next visit), his patter wasn’t particularly Wonka-esque. The food and drink This was an unlimited afternoon tea, which meant we could have refills of all the sandwiches, pasties and Wonka treats we wanted! This was a major plus. The sandwiches were really tasty and being the veggie, I got my own plate …

Summer dining: Roasted tomato quiche

Quiche is a nice light summer dinner, serve up with a nice salad and some summer greens and you’re ready to go! I’m on a bit of a roll with the tarts at the moment. This recipe is pretty easy, it just takes a little time to bake the pastry then the quiche itself. Feel free to do it in advance and leave it to cool, dish it up later when you’re ready. It’s a basic shortcrust pastry and the filling is easily thrown together with some gorgeous roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and a strong, tasty cheese. This is a BBC Good Food recipe, which i find pretty clear and simple to execute. It served the whole of my boyfriend’s family, 7 people.