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Aubergine and Mozarella Pasties

Pasty recipe with aubergines and mozzarella and thyme pastry.


Top 10 Delicious Veggie Nibblies

I’m a student. I’m also quite lazy. Killer combo I know. I’m the first one to admit that getting in after lectures and whipping up some crazy elaborate veggie meal holds about as much appeal as licking marmite from Jeremy Clarkson’s naked glistening torso. So yeah, I’ve had to be a bit creative and come up with some easy veggie bites that I can do with minimal effort. ‘Cause I need all my brain power and energy for note taking. And coffee drinking. And stuff. Take heart veggies, it can be done! ERMAGERD, it’s veggie, it’s simple and it’s yummeh.   Tuck in. I hope you’re ready for gratuitous food pornage.       Ohhh yeah baby..   1.)  Quesadillas Go a bit Mexican. These are SO yummy it’s like unicorns are poking your tongue with their magical sparkly hooves and singing to you at the same time. They’re great because you can just chuck pretty much any veggies you have in there, and it’s still gonna taste pretty damn good. Come on, there’s cheese …